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Hey Guys, I'm so psyched that you decided to visit my site ! Welcome Welcome Welcome,  I live in the beautiful Island of Trinidad and  Tobago and I'm passionate about traveling, eating and adventure seeking ........ My site will be  showcasing all of my travels around the world and advising you on where to eat, sites to visit and where to stay at each destination. 

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About Me

I'm Stephanie Legall, a fun girl who is always searching for a new adventure because I get bored fast. I live in the Island of Trinidad and Tobago and run my own business. Traveling, Photography and Eating food are my hobbies, usually I'm always outdoor looking for new spots to take pictures at and share with everyone. I have spent years studying Travel and Tourism which has provided me with lots of knowledge that I apply when planning a trip. I've been traveling since 2013 when I took my first trip to Margarita Island in Venezuela, my experience was mixed with both good and bad but it created a new craving inside me to experience and see the World as often as I can. 


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