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Cancun Mexico A Cultural Paradise.

Updated: Mar 23

This destination is perfect for everyone as it has so much to offer, it is definitely one of my favorites so far that I would give a full 5 stars rating based on my experiences there.

Chichen Itza Mayan Pyramid

So, after spending a week in #Cancun I was hooked and did not want to leave. I had a fun packed week with visiting sites and learning about the history of the #Mayan people, trust me, a weekend is not enough for this destination. It has two major hotel zones which is the Maya Riviera that's inside Cancun and The Hotel Strip / Zone.

“The Best Taco I've ever eaten was at the entrance to the Tulum Ruins by a little restaurant and bar there, It was perfectly flavored and felt like my mouth had an orgasm. YES I said it, lol ”

Things To Do

Where to stay- I stayed at the most incredible Resort in Cancun The Royalton Riviera that has a 4.8 stars rating. Everything about this resort was perfect, the location, service, property and the food, it's All-inclusive and they provide 24 hour free room service, you are treated as royalty here.

Things to do- The most memorable places I've visited in Cancun are... firstly the #Chichen Itza site. I booked a tour with Viator and the guide was Marco, he was so amazing. Second is the Tulum Ruins, this site is extremely humid so be prepared, but don't forget to buy a #taco there, its the best in Cancun, I also booked with Viator. Another Paid tour I would suggest is swimming in a #Cenotes, its a natural underground #river with crystal clear water. I also visited the #Xcaret Park where they host the festival of the dead every year, they celebrate death and mock it. Yes, That's right, It's traditional and very fascinating

Transportation - It's best to drive if you are there for a while and comfortable driving in other countries. If not then take tours that pick you up from your Hotel or hire an Uber because taxis are scarce and expensive and bus stops are some what far depending on where you are staying.

Best time to visit- ANYTIME...

Exchange Rate- $1 USD= $18 Mexican Peso

So, I hope that my experience would help you all in booking a #hotel or #tours at this amazing #destination and don't forget that I have linked all the sites that I booked with in the post so everyone can have access to the high quality treatment I received on this trip.

Until Next Time, Chao !

Tulum Ruins
Mayan Pyramid
Tulum Beach
Chichen Itza
Xcaret Water Park and Cenotes