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Best of Curacao; The biggest of the ABC Islands!

Updated: Apr 20, 2019

Known for their moving bridge, shopping and exquisite #European #architecture, this little island is the biggest of the famous ABC islands which include #Aruba and #Bonaire. They are the major hub of the 3 islands and have lots of visitors who come to shop for wholesale deals, especially the #Caribbean nationals.

The Town of Willemstad

I spent a weekend here which was filled with non stop adventure, the only problem was that I visited on a holiday weekend so most places for #shopping were closed, I definitely suggest that you make sure when you're visiting there are no holidays around that time.

I think it's best if you plan a trip to visit the ABC islands all in one, it makes more sense to make use of the hub while you're there. The flights operates multiple times for the day for both Aruba and Bonaire out of Curacao or you could consider taking a cruise that visits all these Islands.

What to do Here ?

Where to stay- While I was here the best Resort at that time was Sunscape Hotel it's all-inclusive on the beach, excellent staff and food, the rooms were really well kept and comfortable, it's also only 10 minutes away from the town with a bus stop out front so its easy to get transport. It now has a few more great places to stay with a mix of price ranges, you can check Trip Advisor to view them and the #reviews.

Things to do- I took a tour that gave me an adrenaline rush as we went riding / driving to the major tourist attractions on ATV's and Buggy's, the host was awesome and so helpful, welcoming and friendly. I visited the Aloe Vera plantation where you can buy natural organic products for your skin and hair, I went to the Ostrich Farm where you can buy a lunch and try ostrich meat, it tasted like chicken. There's the Watamula Hole a natural bridge with a huge hole in front of it, there is shopping in the town of Willemstad and the Floating bridge if you're lucky you could be on the bridge when it's opening and closing. There is even the option to visit Hato Caves and beach which is so gorgeous with jet skiing on the beach or snorkeling by the sunken Tugboat site. There's a great Aquarium where you can #snorkel with #stingrays and feed nursed #sharks.

Transportation- It's easy to catch a bus here and even drive so it's really up to you because it's very affordable to travel in the day or rent a car.

Best time to visit- Off peak season is May to November so the prices of hotels drop drastically and booking tours are easier.

Exchange rate- $1 Usd = $1.79 Netherlands Antillean Guilder

I loved my time here and I made so many friends as well, the people are genuinely friendly and they speak multiple languages even the little kids. The food was great and the experiences, it is however very hot and a bit humid as they don't have much rainy days, the place is not lush with greenery but more looks like a drought.

Until Next time Chao !

Dushi which means Sweetheart, Babe or even Sexy in the local Language Papiamento
Queen Wilhelmina Statue in Willemstad park
Watamula Hole
ATV riding by Mambo Beach
Sunscape Hotel Beach
Curacao sign in Willemstad park