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Guyana Weekend, Is it worth it or Nah ?

Updated: May 12, 2018

When I first thought about visiting #Guyana the only thing I could think about was #KaieteurFalls because let's be real, does it have anything else advertised to do here ? Well, Guyana has recently been developing there tourism sector and even there new found oil wealth, "Yep that's right" Guyana recently struck oil. Since then more investors has shown interest in the Country's development, with hotels like #Marriott breaking ground in #Georgetown.

Demerara River View from the Plane

To be honest I've had a mixed experience here as I went to a club in the night, ate Chinese food in the day, visited country side across the floating bridge and went to a #Carnival wet fete. Unfortunately I did not have time to visit the waterfalls, I will be going back to specifically do so maybe for a weekend as well.

Everything is big in GT they have the biggest river that flows directly into the Atlantic Ocean, the biggest waterfall in Central America, South America and the Caribbean. They have the biggest mosquitoes and cows walking in the road, even the floating bridge is the biggest in the western hemisphere plus the vehicles are mostly Jeeps and Vans or big cars.

What to do Here ?

Where to stay- Well, when I was there they didn't have Marriott Hotel as yet so I stayed at Park Vue Hotel I found this #hotel to be very run down, they allowed outsiders to come and use the pool and the people were dirty, so when they came out the pool dirt settled at the bottom and the water was just so nasty. The food was not that good neither the ambiance. I would suggest you stay at Marriott as they have great reviews and the ambiance is very nice.

Things to do- The number one thing to do is visit Kaieteur Falls it's the most spectacular thing to see. It has #Seawall which is actually the #AtlanticOcean where #locals go on weekends to lime, have drinks and some even bathe there but I wouldn't because the water is so brown but the vibes is nice. Take a drive over the #floatingbridge from George town to the country side, it even have #IndigenousVillages you can go on a tour to visit. They celebrate carnival which has been developing recently and If you're lucky enough you may even get to witness a donkey cart race which is pretty hilarious. For the night limes, I visited Gravity Lounge located in Georgetown, it was a cool vibes with nice music and drinks.

Transportation- It's best to rent a car because the roads are good and flat with no hills, it's easy to drive around but keep in mind that Guyanese people do drive really crazy. I could recall an accident taking place while I was there and the traffic was piling up, people were jumping out their vehicle to watch what happen and cars were actually scraping down each other as it had parked cars in the middle of the road. It was total madness which I had never seen before, they were determined to 'macko' and see who died.

Best time to visit- I would say for their carnival which is May 2018 but held at different times yearly, so you can always just google when is Guyana Carnival also known as Mashramani.

Exchange rate- $1 Usd = $207 Guyanese Dollar

It was pretty crazy seeing cows, donkey's and horses walk home on evening after they finished work and I believe you need to have permits and license to drive a donkey cart, it's some pretty awesome stuff. The truth is getting Malaria, Dengue fever, Chikungunya and yellow fever are very common, so walk with Mosquito repellent and bathe in it especially if you are going to Kaieteur Falls. I would admit however that the food was so delicious and well flavored, seasoned to perfection, I can say that these people can damn well cook really great food. Overall a good experience !

Until Next Time Chao !

Donkey Cart in the road
Selfie in hotel
Floating bridge over Demerara River
One of the Carnival party truck