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Layover guide for Cartagena Colombia !

Updated: May 12, 2018

If you happen to be on a long haul flight that has a layover in #Caratgena #Colombia then you are in luck because this place is really great and ideal for a quick day to #shop and just look around. They're very commercial and the economy is built on production and exports, it has factories all over and you would find that clothes, food and transportation is really cheap.

Beautiful Wall in the Old Town

I was only here for a day so I didn't really get to do everything but from my days of researching whats the best thing to do here, I found that it had a lot of things great shopping, cozy cafes and unique architecture.

Warning !!! This place is #Humid as HELL. I wanted to blackout from the humidity, it had no breeze blowing anywhere. Walk with lots of sunblock, water, hat and airy clothes because trust me if you plan to walk around the towns or go shopping the #heat will make you change your mind and give up early.

What to do Here ?

where to stay- As I told you all I was only here for a day so I didn't stay the night but I did research places to stay and the one with the greatest review and #affordable price would be Hotel Don Pedro de Heredia it's located in the old city which is most convenient and its under $90 Usd per night.

Things to do- Well for a day alone I would say to get lost in the #OldCity, It's so unique with old building in perfect condition, it has beautiful #flower trees growing in front there doors and balcony, plus the building and houses are #colorful and picture perfect. There is also the New city which has plenty #skyscrappers and #shopping plazas / malls, the prices are great in the mall plus it has little cafe's with free WiFi. It even has a hop on hop off site seeing bus available so you can consider taking a tour of both cities and other major tourist attractions, Ohhh and let's not forget to eat at cafe Del mar.

Transportation- Traveling is easy and dog cheap so you can catch a bus at the bus terminal and go anywhere.

Best time to visit- December to April as it's supposed to be wet season although they don't get much rain but the place will be a bit cooler in temperature and not as humid, trust me the humidity is really really bad.

Exchange rate- $1 Usd = $2772 Colombian Peso

I definitely have to go back to Colombia and visit Cartagena again and the other major cities like #Bogota, #Medellin and #Cali but the little time I spend there sure was amazing. Did I mention that the #food was off the chain, like #Spanish people could cook Yowww lol seriously. Anyways I loved my experience here and suggest that you all give this awesome place a visit, for great tasting cheap food and high quality clothes at a low cost. You can't go wrong at all !

Until Next Time Chao !

Walking through the Old City streets

View of the new city

Random House in Old City