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Margarita Island cheap getaway but Dangerous!

Updated: May 12, 2018

The best time to visit is for the #Easter #Weekend as it usually have parties all week, Great for young adults and also the shopping is always cheap anytime of the year. keep in mind that its not very safe for a #tourist! Here's why ...

The country of #Venezuela has been in a state of #economic downfall since 2015 publicly,

the sad part is that food is expensive so its best to stay at an All-inclusive Resort, the clothes and #electronics are cheap even the #drugs and #guns are cheaper than food in Venezuela right now." 'Disclaimer' I do not entertain illegal activities but I am just stating facts and knowledge that I have gained through research, friends and acquaintances."

“Beware ! Customs or Police will blackmail you if you do not know the laws, such as how much money you can have on you, per person which is $100 USD.” YES, that's right! keep your money on credit cards or hidden pockets, don't be flashy because you could be robbed or arrested.

What to do Here ?

Where to stay- The best #Resorts would be Lagunamar and Hesperia, Its #AllInclusive, #beachfront, pools and water sport activities available.

Things to do - Shopping at Sambil Mall its large and has so many options, plus its kind of safer to shop in the #malls. The US #dollar sells for a lot on the #blackmarket so the #vendors give you more goods for the cash but its best to have a local with you so you wont be ripped off or robbed. PLEASE Be Careful with the streets or market shopping! #Beaches like ElYaque is one of the most popular with #watersports and #clearwaters, definitely #beautiful. There are parks such as Waterland where you have the opportunity to swim with #dolphins, its a bit pricey but worth every penny.

Transportation- If you rent a car you can probably get some nice spots to get #pictures by venturing on your own. The good thing is that gas is cheap, again I will stress on saying you should not venture as a loner but preferably in a group.

Best time to Visit- Anytime if it's to #shop or #relax, but if you are looking to party like #springbreak week then you should visit around the #EasterHolidays.

Exchange Rate- $1 USD = $10 Bolivars.

Now, In my opinion #MargaritaIsland is very #boring, with not much free things do but hit the beaches. This #island is best for visitors who just want to relax at a beach resort and do a little #shopping for the weekend. I hope this post was helpful and don't forget to click on the links to make your #bookings at the same sites that I used.

Until Next Time, Chao !

Lagunamar Resort Mexican Restaurant
El Yaque