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Jamaica the Land of Wood and Water....?

Updated: Apr 20, 2019

Where do I begin ...... ? This place is #AMAZING I really could not get enough of it as I only stayed a few days which was definitely Not enough time to explore this #gorgeous #Island. Now let me just say that the moment I got there, everywhere I turned I saw a statue or carving of a man with a #bigdick, trust me I think they are trying to tell #tourist something hahaha.

Statue at a souvenir shop in the Fern Gully

With only a weekend to spare our trip began almost immediately, as we wanted to get so much done with so little time, it was very difficult. Now I didn't know what to expect here as I have heard both sour and sweet reviews from people but never the less I had an open mind.

Once we cleared customs and reached outside we were approached by guys trying to sell us #Marijuana, it is legal there. I didn't buy any but I just taught I'd let you all know. Almost every major tourist #attraction had weed brownies, cakes and cookies on sale, I was told that if you're not used to drugs you should not have any, it's very strong and could be dangerous.

What to do Here ?

Where to stay- We stayed at an all-inclusive resort in #Montegobay as I really wanted to visit #DunnsWaterfall, The Sunscape Splash was not only affordable but had excellent reviews. From my experience they lived up to my expectations, with helpful staff that always greeted you with a smile and flavorful #Jamaicanfood. The rooms where comfortable and had amazing views especially for in room breakfast, this place is great for families, lovers and singles, just anyone really.

Things To Do- Ahhhhhh, now this is where the real fun begins. I was very excited to visit Dunn's waterfalls because the pictures online are so stunning, so, we hired a taxi at the hotel to take us to the falls on our first day. As I told you all it's very expensive so if you are #traveling in a group it will be much more #affordable. The entry fee to the #falls was only $20 USD and the entrance is at the top of the falls, no #hiking to be honest. Another must see beauty is Blue hole it's like you walked into #heaven, just the most surreal #bluewaterfall. The most famous Margaritaville in Montego Bay is a must, such a beautiful bar over looking the sea and you can jump off the deck into the water it's just a really fun place, great ambiance, food and people. The Fern Gully #OchosRios is a long stretch driving through the #mountains you can stop and buy #souvenirs and meet jack on the bean stalk, very cold breeze in the hot sun while passing through there so keep your windows down to enjoy. One of the spots with the best view in Ochos Rios would be on the Shaw Park Look Out you can see the #beautiful town and port with #cruiseships plus it has a great restaurant for you to have lunch and drinks at. The Hip Strip is a great stop for #shopping I saw so much knock-off #LouisVuitton I was almost tempted to buy one, but I didn't ! You can hop a taxi or bus from here to your hotel, the bus stop is in front of #Margaritaville. Just a few steps down the street is Doctor's Cave Beach with crystal clear water and white sands, there's an entrance fee to the beach I believe it was $6 USD there were #watersport activities on the beach and the most amazing restaurant to have lunch by. Finally we Went Down to #Kingston to visit the Bob Marley Museum, the drive from Montego bay is around 3-4 hours long and we took the Knutsfordexpress we paid around $20 USD pp oneway. Once you're in #JA you gotta go pay tribute to the legend himself, this tour cost around $40 USD pp and takes you on a journey back in time learning about the man who paved the way for #Reggae #Music, the life he lived and finding out who he really was, it's a combo of all things #BobMarley.

Transportation- I found the #Knutsfordexpress to be the most #affordable and convenient way to get around, they have an #app and #website that you can book your tickets in advance and it takes you to every major tourist attraction in Jamaica. Taxis are extremely expensive so car rental might be a better idea if you are used to driving on #Caribbean roads.

Best time to Visit- December to May as it's there dry season and #Jamaica is know to be affected by hurricanes during rainy seasons from June to November so be mindful of that. Carnival is in April so you can consider visiting around that time but it held in Kingston JA.

Exchange Rate- $1 USD = $125 Jamaican dollar

Overall I didn't have any bad experiences in this #Island, I found the people to be a bit rough in speech and somewhat aggressive but it's just how they all speak to be honest. I hope this guide helps you all please let me know and be safe on your #travels.

Until Next Time Chao !

Shaw Park Look Out Ochos Rios
Margaritaville Montego Bay
Dunn's Waterfall
Weed plant in Fern Gully
Doctor's Cave Beach
Hand carved Souvenirs in the Gully