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25 Free Things to do in Trinidad

Updated: Mar 23

Trinidad is known as the #NewYork of the #Caribbean, the land of #oil and #music, with ongoing #nightlife and #flavorfulfood. There is always something to do everyday of the week in #Trinidad. I have listed some of the #FREE things available to anyone who is interested in having some FREE fun and taking amazing pictures.

1) The Fort Abercromby is a beautiful look out that's hidden in Las Cuevas Village, Don't venture on your own but preferably in a group for safety purposes, for more info click link Meppublishers.

Fort Abercromby is a hidden gem that many locals still haven't discovered yet.

2) San'do Hill Look out and Park located on the tallest hill in this area, this site gives you a panoramic view of the entire district which is just breathtaking and is safe to venture on your own. For more info click link Meppublishers.

Sanfernando Hill the highest point in South Trinidad

3) The #Pitchlake site is located in #LaBrea and is not safe to visit on your own, as the grounds are sticky with pitch and you can get stuck in it. Honestly you should go with locals who knows the grounds and feel free to bathe in the #natural #healing #sulfur waters if you are interested. For more info visit Amusing Planet.

Pitch Lake grounds a natural Wonder of the World

4) Fort George #Historical Site located in #StJames area gives you the full panoramic view of the capital POS and West Trinidad, it's safe to visit on your own, for more info and direction visit Life in Trinidad.

Fort George Look Out for the best views of Port of Spain and West Trinidad

5) #Lopinot Historical site located in Lopinot Village off #Arouca main road, this site is filled with history and culture. Try contacting them for a chocolate tasting tour. It's safe to visit on your own, for more info visit Roamtt. To see my vlog on this site click here and get a proper preview before you visit.

Lopinot Historical site is a untouched Haven that's off the grid.

6) Toco #lighthouse Galera point is located in #TocoVillage perfect for picnics, family limes or just stop by while on your way to watch turtles in Grande Rivere and it's safe to visit on your own. For more info visit Sweet TnT Magazine.

Toco light house also known as Galera point where it has the best views of little cays off the coast

7) Maracas fishing village located at the entrance of #Maracas area, left of the "welcome to Maracas sign" it's safe to visit on your own, for more info visit Trini View.

Maracas Fishing Village Gazebo

8) #Columbusbay located in #Cedros / #Icacos area is safe to visit on your own, the most decadent sunset I've seen in south Trinidad was here. Now beware of the sand flies as they come by the 100's but the water is clear and great for bathing as tides are low. For more info visit Caribya

View of sister rocks at sunset on Columbus Bay

9) The 85ft #Hanuman Statue located in #Waterloo area and is safe to visit on your own but you should dress respectably as it is a #religious place. This Statue is believed to be the largest of it's kind, outside of India and in the Caribbean. For more info visit Destination Trinidad and Tobago.

85ft Hanuman Murti is the largest god statue outside India.

10) The #Temple in the #Sea located in the Waterloo area is a religious landmark for the Hindu Community as it was the first temple built in Trinidad by one man and his bare hands. It's safe to visit on your own but dress respectably as it is a religious place, For more info visit Destination Trinidad and Tobago.

The Temple In the Sea is the only one that exist in the Caribbean, it was built by one man.

11) The #SriDattatreya #Yoga Centre located in the Waterloo area is the only one of its kind in the country, the architecture is beyond phenomenal and is a sight for sore eyes. This site is safe to visit on your own but please dress respectably as it is a religious place, For more info click link Fodor's Travel.

Sri Dattatreya Yoga Centre is an Architectural Master piece

12) The Ortorie River Mouth meets the #beach in #Manzanilla area and has a beautiful #broadwalk and #coconut #plantations and is picture perfect. It's safe to visit on your own, for more info visit Sweet TnT magazine.

Manzanilla Beach where the river meets the sea

13) The Chaguaramas Board Walk is a beautiful spot for swimming, picnics, family gathering, fishing and even camping. I believe Chaguaramas is probably my favorite district in Trinidad because it just has so many things to do here. For more info on this site visit CDA. Usually this site is safe to visit but in recent times it has become a bit unsafe but the CDA police are working hard to restore safety to this site.

Chaguaramas Boardwalk

14) Bamboo Cathedral located in #Chaguaramas is a wonderful natural arc that was formed by Bamboo trees. On evenings many locals tread up hill to exercise and challenge themselves physically, others just come to see the monkeys swinging from branch to branch or humming birds buzzing around from flower to flower. To know more about this site Visit Sweet TnT Magazine.

Bamboo Cathedral in Chaguaramas

15) Grande Riviere Beach perfect for #leatherbackturtle watching and they also have some amazing scenery spots on the beach with the river meeting the beach. It has great places to stay as well as a massive ship wreck on the beach front, totally picture worthy. If you want to see a video of my trip there just visit TriniTravelJunkie. For more info on this spot visit Destination TnT.

Grande Riviere Beach Front

16) #ManzanillaBeach is probably a local favourite on the East Coast, as the drive alone is so great that you forget the length of time it may have taken you to get there. It's just miles and miles of coconut palm trees on both sides of the road with breathtaking views and sea breeze even a few cows, some iguanas and of course the seagulls lol. For more info on this site please visit Destination TnT.

Manzanilla Beach Road

17) Mt St Benedict is a Monastery situated at the top of a mountain in Tunapuna, the scenery is mind blowing and of course you can pick up your holy water or even light a candle with a prayer. This place is a Mecca in the Catholic Religion and they have a lot more happening there besides Sunday Mass. For more information about all the great things they are doing please visit their website.

Mt St Benedict

18) The Blanchisseuse Spring Bridge is actually a historic site to visit as it's one of the oldest standing bridges in the country. Take a stroll on the bridge and look over the river if you dare but be careful because its scary. This site is safe to visit and for more info about it click here.

Spring Bridge

19) The beautiful Three pools is a real gem and very easy to find, I would warn you that if you are considering visiting this site in the rainy season be careful about snakes because you are entering their home lol. Overall it's safe if you are bathing in the first pool as its not that deep and has more shallow areas for non swimmers, for more in for and directions to this site ROAMTT.

First Pool in Three Pools

20) The POS Waterfront Centre and local breakfast shed provides you with affordable Breakfast / Lunch with a beautiful sea view, fountain, boats and if you are lucky Cruise ships. There is even some great Trinidad Signs and structures to throw some Trini colours into your photos. This site is great to visit anytime of the day, for more info and pictures check out Destination TnT.

Water Front by Parliament Building

21) The #Magnificent #seven houses are some of the most unique structures in POS and has been here since before our country gained Independence in 1962. These buildings are Colonial styles and they each have names - The Queen’s Royal College, Hayes Court, Mille Fleurs, Roomor, Archbishop’s House, Whitehall and Stollmeyer’s Castle. To find out more about their history you can visit RoamTT.

Stollmeyer's Castle Around the Queen's Park Savannah

22) Edith Waterfall in Chaguaramas is probably the easiest waterfall to get to, its not challenging and is easily accessed but its the most under appreciated to be honest. Maybe its because its merely a drizzle when in dry season but during the rainy season its actually really powerful and it turns into two beautiful waterfalls. To find the directions to visit this natural beauty you can visit DestinationTnT. I have a video of my trip here so if you want to see it visit TriniTravelJunkie.

23) The Abandoned US Missile Tracking Station in Chaguaramas is actually a Historical site that many people take for granted, this site was built by the United States to track missiles that would have been launched by Russia during the cold war in early 1950's. To find out more about this site and it's history visit Urbanghostmdia. If you are interested click here to see my video to this site TriniTravelJunkie.

Abandoned US Tracking station

24) The Mud Volcano in Digity Trace is a must visit. As you may have heard, the mud has healing properties in it and is excellent for your skin, especially if you're experiencing breakouts. The great thing about it, is that it's east to find and safe to venture on your own, to get directions to this spot check out The National Trust TT.

Digity Mud Volcano

25) Have you ever visited the Natural Cave in Las Cuevas Beach, it's beautiful especially when doing photography, many locals bypass it or even ignore it but I wouldn't because its stunning. Just walk along the beach and look on your left, you would see the rocks curve and a large hole in the rock. When you go closer you would see that above the cave has a natural hole which give the cave sun light, its just beautiful. Check out Thannas website for a bit more details.

Hidden Cave in Las Cuevas

Now don't get me wrong we have a lot more FREE things to do especially visiting beaches but I didn't bother to list them because its so common to do. I would suggest just Googling Trinidad beaches and you would find a wide variety of options. These spots are just some of my favorites to do and also not so common to all.